Giving life to your dreams

Sebastian (Sam) DiGiovanni has a multi-faceted background, including multiple combat tours that led him to write Survive Your Tour in Peace & War. He's been licensed as a hypnotist and preacher, and has worked for a mortuary - translation: He could marry them, and bury them.

His experiences while in a coma in a hospital inspired him to write Purgatory Asylum, a tense battle for a man's soul. He's co-writing the Anodes (pronounced A-nod-us) Diner series with his wife, Hydie. They've written Book One in that series.

First three examples are from Book One in the Anodes Diner series to debut in 2017. It is being considered as a possible TV series. Fourth sample is the opening of a tense drama also being pitched for TV series consideration. Both properties are registered with Writers Guild of America, West.

Sebastian DiGiovanni - Writing Samples