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​​​Get your story written with flair that draws readers in from the first paragraph. And keeps them eager to find out what happens next.

Whether you are a Hollywood A-lister or a businessman with an incredible story to tell of your rise from rags to riches.      

A grandfather or grandmother with the desire to tell your story for your grandchildren and future generations.

Someone who has overcome what others see as impossible odds.

Or a film company executive or key editor with a major publisher. Yes, we do film script-to-novel adaptations. And we will consider ghosting books for publishers “by” celebrities, professional athletes, and others who have a great story to tell, but perhaps do not have the time and/or skills to personally write it.

Everyone has a story. 
​​​Newest book, Into God’s Country, has been released.  As soon as the contract is approved and signed, we can tell you the name of the film company that is acquiring film rights to this book. 

A surprise bonus is that Jim is writing at least the first draft of the screenplay for Into God’s Country. He is a graduate of ScreenwritingU’s ProSeries screenwriting course.

Stay tuned for further developments.
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